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I like Jakarta’s Transportation System

Sisi Lain dari Transportasi Jakarta

Winning Life

I honestly do.

While I have lived all my life in a country where the transportation system is internationally known to be efficient, Jakarta is perceived to be the opposite.

It is a common and well-known perception that the Jakarta Transportation System is inefficient and it is for certain that you will be stuck in massive jams. The jams even got on the nerves of taxi drivers who, of all people, I expected to be ‘accustomed’ to the whole traffic issues. I guess it is so bad that no one can come to terms with it.

Yes this perception is not wrong. And it is indeed a reality. Or rather, it is a common perception of this ‘reality’.



I stayed in Bukit Batok and work in Orchard. Every day, there was one most efficient route to work regardless of weather, traffic etc. Take any other route it…

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I like Jakarta’s Transportation System

More Than Two Years Ago

Hello, long time no see.

last post: February 6, 2012 , heyaaaaa :))

Banyakkk perubahan di kehidupan saya semenjak last post diatas tadi 😀 , sekarang saya adalah seorang istri & ibu :), menikah di Bandung tanggal 18 Mei 2013. Ini fotonya:

Chindi & Hendra – 18 Mei 2013

Anak saya lahir 30 April 2014 di Santosa Hospital Bandung, yang diberi nama Adlan Iqradinata. Kenapa kita memilih nama ini? Adlan(France) = Adil , Iqra(Arab) = Baca / surat pertama di Al-Quran diasosiakan dengan anak pertama, Dinata(Sansekerta) = Hadiah, jadi kalo disatukan menjadi: Hadiah Anak Pertama dari Allah SWT yang Adil dan Gemar Membaca. Amin.

4 months Old

Banyak yang pengen di share dari pengalaman saya hamil, melahirkan, asi ekslusif sambil kerja yang menantang buat saya, dan yang sebentar lagi mau dihadapi, MPASI pertama nya Adlan. In the next post ya 😉


More Than Two Years Ago

Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012

Happy new year everyone!!
2012 already, it feels like 2011 run very fast..
Alhamdulillah,2011 was nice enough for me..
good & bad things were there..but i want only write down the good one 🙂

#thankful in 2011 :
– for the first time,i go to Singapore & Malaysia,and all for free! 🙂
– after almost 6 years i wear bracket / behel,and now my teeth can breath normally 😀
– healthy, i did not go to hospital, it means “alhmdulillah sehatttttt”
– and last but not least : new and good relationship 😉 , i found someone that understand me, care to me.. :*

#resolution in 2012 :
– do sport regularly
– suddenly pray after hear adzan,no more ‘lagi nanggung’ (but maybe it’s still hard for Subuh 😀 , but i will try)
– my dream is go to Europe & Australia!!! I still don’t know how to get there,but i am sure there is a way 🙂
–  continue my education,,insyaallah in January my class will start
– my relationship can go 1 step ahead, amin insyaallah
– my job runs smoothly

2012 please be nice to me,,aminnnn 🙂 🙂 🙂

Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012